Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out Queen

Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out Queen by&

by Marissa Moss

Illustrated by C. F. Payne

Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books (2004)

For as long as she could remember, Jackie Mitchell’s father had told Jackie she could be good at whatever she wanted, as long as she worked at it. Jackie worked at baseball. She worked hard. And before long Jackie could outplay anyone in her neighborhood — even the boys.

She had one pitch — a wicked, dropping curve ball. But no seventeen-year-old girl could pitch against Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. It was unthinkable. Then on April 2, 1931, the New York Yankees stopped in Tennessee for an exhibition game against the Chattanooga Lookouts. And on that day Jackie Mitchell made baseball history.

Marissa Moss tells a true story of determination and heroism, a gem of baseball history sure to inspire ballplayers of all ages. And C. F. Payne’s vibrant, glorious illustrations make the golden age of baseball come alive.


Safe at Home (Comeback Kids)

By Mike Lupica

Published by Puffin Books, 2008

Nick Crandall feels like he doesn’t belong anywhere. He doesn’t fit in with his new foster parents. They don’t know the first thing about sports—and he’s not exactly the model student they want him to be. It’s only a matter of time until they realize he’s not the right kid for them. And Nick certainly doesn’t belong playing varsity baseball. He’s only twelve years old! His teammates want a catcher their own age. But Nick needs to prove that he belongs—to his parents, to his team, and to himself.


Jackie Robinson (Trophy Chapter Book)

by Kenneth Rudeen

Illustrated by Michael Hays

HarperCollins (1996)

When Jackie Robinson first stepped up to bat for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 194 7, he faced a long, hard battle. People called him horrible names. Pitchers aimed the ball right for his head. And players used the spikes on their baseball shoes to cut his legs.

Jackie Robinson didn’t back down. As the first black player in the white major leagues, he had made up his mind to play ball-and to open baseball’s doors to all black men. This is the dramatic story of his triumph.


The Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth (On My Own History)

The Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth (On My Own&

By Jean L.S. Patrick

First Avenue Editions (2000)


Satchel Paige’s America

Satchel Paige's America (Alabama Fire Ant)& My pitching philosophy is simple; you gotta keep the ball off the fat part of the bat.

By William Price Fox

Fire Ant Books (2005)


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